Where and How To Watch La Liga in India For Free? – [Solved]

Where and How To Watch La Liga in India For Free? – [Solved]

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27 Feb 2022
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The second round in La Liga has just started, and more people want to watch it in India. There are many questions on how to watch La Liga in India for free? We have crafted the necessary information for everyone in India on understanding where to watch La Liga for free.


How to watch La Liga in India for free? 

India and La Liga have a very long partnership. One particular company – ‘Viacom18’- is re-streaming La Liga on cable TV and online. Officially, a Viacom18 representative says that everyone in India has to watch Spanish football with the help of their company. Viacom has bought the legal rights to distribute Real Madrid and Barcelona football matches (La Liga) in India. What if we tell you that there are ways to watch La Liga in India for free? It’s not magic. We will go through the details now.


Why should you choose VPN? 

VPN allows everyone in India to take a seat and enjoy La Liga games. Do you want to watch Valencia’s matches without worrying about being cut off from the cable TV? Then, VPN is a correct call. We have extensive research and asked thousands of people in India to understand their preferences for streaming football games online. Everyone comes to one conclusion – nothing can beat quality VPN streaming. Don’t get confused – some VPNs are not as good as their charming headlines suggest. That’s why we have not only done research but tested VPNs. Our chosen VPNs will help not only in India, but you can travel around the globe to surf websites for free.

Watching La Liga games is not that hard, especially with the top-quality VPN. We tested VPN power with different criteria. Just like the industry experts, we have come up with specific requirements. The VPN test went through various stages – the power of the connection, fast & reliable system, good interface (UX) for the newbie users and surfing La Liga games with different languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.). Let’s go down in the details and see which VPN exceeds our expectations.


Choice N1 – ExpressVPN

The company representatives believe that La Liga matches are perfect with ExpressVPN. The company’s developer team noted that they have access to 94 countries, and you can surf without any connection problems. Watching La Liga games with the help of ExpressVPN means different languages – ENG, DE, IT, etc. 

The interface is also another big win for ExpressVPN. You can connect with La Liga matches from any country with just one click. The interface of one click is a big win for the company. The developer team says that the interface is fundamental. We agree because the user is the number one goal for every company. Where to watch La Liga in India for free could be a good question – so, with the simple interface, you’ll understand how ExpressVPN stands out from the competition. 


CyberGhost – Privacy at its best

You may search where to watch La Liga in India for free and get good privacy? Don’t search for more. CyberGhost is a top-tier company based in Europe. The main goal of the company is to have very strong privacy. VPNs need to be safe and secure. When you watch La Liga games for free in India, you need a closed system. The CyberGhost team knows about the main advantage, and that’s why their goal is privacy. With CyberGhost, you should not be afraid of privacy issues in 2022.


PIA (Private Internet Access) – Company that cares about users

PIA has been a top-rated company for many years. In the last two decades, they have had a big name. Why should you choose PIA? Safe system (Privacy), working with all operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. It means that PIA gives you access to streaming La Liga in India for free, even though iOS and Android platforms.


IPVanish — Security features at their best!

Security is very important in 2022. Where to watch La Liga in India for free and how to get the security system at its best? Keep reading the review of IPVanish. It’s the company that has the best security features. IPVanish has AES-256 type encryption, which means the highest level of safety.


PrivateVPN – Trial is for free.

The PrivateVPN team knows that they need to stand out from the competition. What was their main goal? Give Indian people freedom. You can watch Primera Division in India for free with PrivateVPN. They have a free trial, so sign up right now and start watching Karim Benzema’s fantastic performance! Do you want to know how Xavi’s Tiki-Taka will get better? Sign up with PrivateVPN and keep surfing. 


ProtonVPN — Basic but top-tier company!

ProtonVPN is a top-rated company in the EU. They are based in Switzerland and have come up with thousands of servers around the globe. You can connect to 1300 servers from any part of India. The system of ProtonVPN uses AES-256 encryption, so it’s very secure. The basic system of the VPN gives you a chance to browse through 60 countries.


ZenMate — Specially created for streaming

ZenMate has a particular profile in the VPN industry. They specialise only in watching movies, TV series and sports with the high-quality connection. They have secure and reliable servers around the globe. If you are lost and want to know where to watch La Liga in India for free? Well, search no more. ZenMate specialises in this particular area and will give you a weapon of choice. 


Hotspot Shield

They wanted to get competitive in the industry and came up with a 45-day money-back guarantee. It means that you can watch La Liga in India for free for 45 days. At the end of the trial, you will get back the money. It’s their main advantage, so that’s how you can watch La Liga in India for free.


Hide.me – Never worry about the DNS system.

The team of the company wants to have very safe streaming. They know that people want to learn how to watch La Liga in India for free with great safety! People don’t want to leave footprints online while watching Barca’s match, so hide.me can help with this.

TunnelBear – Easy to use and popular

We bet you’ve heard about TunnelBear before! It’s the most popular VPN system around the globe. Their motto is that VPN streaming is easy and secure. If you don’t want to test the unique features of the companies mentioned above, then TunnelBear is the best bet to do.

After you have one of those great VPN, then you can try to search some links on google for the free website providing the live streaming. Or you can try the Jio TV app from Google Play Store and App Store. Register your JIO account/number to log in. Remember to always use a good VPN for your privacy secure connection. Another example for bonus is purevpn.com, when you click and open that link, you will directly see they are offering VPN service with the LA LIGA live stream.

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