Football NewsWho are the best third place teams in Euro 2024?
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Euro 2024: Which Teams Will Advance as Best Third-Place Qualifiers?

As Euro 2024 heads towards the knockout stages, football fans are eagerly anticipating which teams will advance as the best third-place qualifiers. The tournament’s expansion to 24 teams has added a new dynamic to the competition, with more teams progressing from the group stage.

In this year’s edition, six groups are competing for a spot in the last 16, with only four third-place teams joining the top-two qualifiers. The teams placed third in their respective groups will be ranked based on various factors such as points, goal difference, goals scored, wins, and disciplinary points. The European Qualifiers ranking will also play a role in determining the best third-place teams.

As of the games played on June 24, 2024, Austria and Slovakia are leading the pack with strong performances in their two games. Hungary, despite finishing third in Group A with three points, may face challenges due to their negative goal difference. Croatia, on the other hand, are in a precarious position and will need a favor from England to advance.

The final third-place ranking will be officially confirmed once all the groups conclude and the third-placed teams are decided. Football fans around the world are eagerly following the action to see which teams will secure a spot in the knockout stages of Euro 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on the best third-place qualifiers in this thrilling tournament.