Football NewsWho robs Barca – Emili Rousaud talks about the lost millions
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Former Barcelona vice-president Emili Rousaud has once again accused the Catalan club of corruption.


As you know, a terrible pandemic is raging all over the world. Corona, one of the new “representatives” of the virus cluster, Covid-19, has been forcing the world to live by new rules for several months now. The virus has spread to all countries and cities.

Corona has not passed unnoticed by Barça, either. The Catalan Grand are already facing a severe crisis. Moreover, according to experts, if the situation in the world does not improve, “Barcelona” will go bankrupt.

Added to this story is the not-so-good news circulating in Blaugrana’s domestic cuisine.

Former Vice President of Barcelona Emili Rousaud released scandalous information a few hours ago: “In Barça, corruption is rampant, and what’s most unfortunate is that it’s obviously happening.

It’s obvious that someone is robbing this club because when you pay a million for the cases of a hundred thousand, it’s not a normal story,” Rousaud said.

For reference, “Blaugrana” made an official statement in this regard and called the words of the former vice-president a sheer lie.


Emili Rousaud: What I said is true, and I will prove it


The Catalan Grand have called Rousaud’s allegations baseless. The former vice president responded that he has revelations. Eventually, the club decided to take legal action against Rousaud. The former director of “Blaugrana,” of course, responded to this as well.

“I want to respond to the Barcelona representatives who are going to sue me. My words about corruption were true, and I can prove it. So there is no justification for a lawsuit from them. I informed the club what is going on inside. That’s what happened, and that was the reason for my departure from the club.

I will protect my rights and interests. I have always worked for the good of our favorite club. It was a great honor for me to work in Barcelona, “Mundo Deportivo quoted Emili Rousaud as saying.