Who to buy and sell Manchester United to return to the top?

Who to buy and sell Manchester United to return to the top?

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20 Jun 2022
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The situation and the aspects of it

Season 2021/22 Manchester United fans prefer not to remember, although hope dawned at the end: the club appointed Erik ten Hag as head coach. Management promises to support the Dutchman with purchases. Transfer amounts vary, but The Times’ reliable Paul Hirst paints a rough picture: Ten Hag will be given around £120m (€140) plus sales proceeds. We asked the few die-hard United fans left in the newsroom (two, to be exact) to come up with their dream makeover. Here with such conditions.

  • ‎ We limit the number of transfers: up to five people at the exit (we do not take into account those who left free) and up to five at the entrance.
  • ‎ Transfermarkt prices. Yes, for Manchester United the price tag will certainly be higher than indicated there, but we will not recruit players back to back – so we will compensate for the difference.
  • We only choose realistic options: the conditional Modric, although inexpensive, will not go to United.

Kopylov’s team: merges Ronaldo and Maguire, takes Gnabry and a pack of no-names

I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is hope that Ten Hag will be able to stir up the existing squad. On the other hand, there is a feeling that almost all protection should be sold. But we have introduced restrictions, so we have to choose. • Anthony Martial. The Frenchman finished the 2019/20 season as a striker for a top club with 10 assists in 9 Premier League games rescheduled for the summer. But Anthony only gives out this form when he is given a place at the start – any hint of competition (Cavani, Ronaldo, new forward in the summer) turns the Frenchman into a dull lazy person.

  • Wan-Bissaka. There is a myth that Dalot is strong in attack, and Wan-Bissaka beats him in defense. In fact, the Englishman can only offer tackles, which already means a loss of position (if you meet an opponent on your feet, you don’t have to catch up and creep) and an unfavorable continuation of the game in case of selection (the ball will fly out of bounds or to a corner). Nevertheless, Wan Bissaka is always in demand thanks to the cherished passport. 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s discard the individual statistics of the Portuguese (24 goals in all competitions) and look at the age. Ten Hag came to build a project – it’s strange to create a team around a 37-year-old guy who absolutely does not accept pressure. 
  • Harry Maguire. It should be said right away: Harry is not the (most) bad defender in the universe. And the fans will not let it go: before that, it was the same with a bunch of other players who, for some reason, are not Vidić and Ferdinand.

It will be better for everyone if Maguire leaves. For Harry it’s a chance to start over (look how good Smalling and Evans did), for the fans it’s a chance to find someone else to blame. only time will show us how it all will end. soon enough we will know everything 



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