English Premier LeagueWhy Sunday’s match against City Determines Liverpool Title Hopes

Liverpool vs Manchester City match on Sunday will determine the Red’s title hopes in the upcoming matches.


Writing off Liverpool in the Premier League title race would be silly at the moment considering the quality they got and the mentality the team has showcased in the past. And, although we are just past the halfway mark of the season, Sunday’s game with City is a must win for Klopp if they are to retain the crown.

Not only is it a chance for Liverpool to narrow the game and regain their momentum but also, a victory would shed some confidence by showing that City are still beatable even after racking nine league wins in a row.

What Happened at City?

Majority never saw City’s run coming as their focus was mostly shifted to Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool who had massive losses a couple of weeks ago. But, City’s run is down to phenomenal coaching and great management from Guardiola who managed to silently sneak to the Premier League’s first position.

City was abviously aware of the games they lost last season and the number of goals they conceded. And, they have changed their philosophy a little bit because of that.

Nowadays, City doesn’t press as high as often and they seem happy to sometimes sit off a little bit more. Playing like this with less intensity is sensible game management because of the number of games they have to play.

Moreover, adopting the new play philosophy allows the side to dominate possession and control games better than before.

Liverpool’s challenge is to try and disrupt that.

Will it be a win or a loss for Liverpool?

Red’s upcoming fixtures are a test after another. First, it is City then Leicester, RB Leipzig in the Champions League, and then Everton. All these games are in the next fortnight.

Saying Liverpool will relish or not relish these games will be a lie considering their poor form in the past couple of months. However, the Reds still thrive against better opposition and it’s always the bigger games with the most pressure that show the true quality of a team and squad. It motivates them more.

City has a bit of a point to prove too, because they have not won at Anfield for so long, and even if they don’t need to go hell for leather because of their strong position at the top of the table, they always try to score goals.

That’s why I think it will be more open than some of the other big games we have seen recently, like Manchester United’s bore draw at Anfield last month.

Liverpool needs a win so badly. This time they cannot just look to shut up shop, and with the players, they are missing I am not sure they could keep City out anyway. They have to go after the game, and that will mean chances at the other end too.