Football NewsWhat will be the updated La Liga protocol?
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Although the current version is still considered a sketch and has not been officially confirmed, a possible model of the updated protocol has already been developed. Such a charter has already been approved formally by the Bundesliga.


The players will need to be tested for Covid-19 tests 48 hours before the game, to prevent the virus from spreading. La Liga president Javier Tebas told beIN Sport about the protocol:

“Players will have to undergo PCR examinations 48 hours in advance to find out if they are infected. If they are diagnosed with any infection, they will not be allowed to play. We will take them to quarantine. And the championship will not be canceled even if 1-2 infected people are found in the championship.”

Besides, La Liga teams will travel in two buses instead of one. Allowing 23 players and members of the coaching staff to keep their distance from each other.


Staff and players will be divided into three groups.


When they go directly to the stadium, all of them will measure the temperature and will be able to enter the dressing room only after that.

According to the existing protocol model, they will be divided into three groups: Green Zone, where players, coaches, and medical staff members will be present (maximum 94 people). The blue zone, which includes tribunes, and here, too, the same amount of people will have the right to stay. And in the third zone, the staff outside the stadium is considered (maximum 32 people).

The official date for the renewal of La Liga has not yet been announced. However, most likely, the tournament will be resumed in mid-June.