Football NewsXavi’s first 100 days as a coach of the Barcelona
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From November 6 until now, Xavi has faced a thousand situations, from an elimination from the Champions League to a reunion with Messi, going through a conflict with a player.


100 days of Xavi

There is an unwritten rule that protects anyone who arrives at a new job within a hundred days to finish adapting to their new functions. In the world of football, this theory is simply a fallacy, since a hundred days are an eternity, so the time to judge the work starts from the day after the contract is signed. And even more so if you are a person who knows perfectly the idiosyncrasies of the club, then the credit runs out practically from minute one.


Changing the whole system in Barcelona

Xavi began to be pointed out even before he signed his contract with FC Barcelona. Since it became known that a Blaugrana delegation, led by vice president Rafa Yiste and director of football, Mateu Alemany, had traveled to Doha to try to close the incorporation of Xavi as the new coach of the first team, the authorized voices, and the non so authorized by the Blaugrana environment, they began the saber war. On the one hand, those who still had Ronald Koeman’s dismissal very much in mind, to point out Xavi’s little experience as a coach, while the loudspeakers of the media cavern put their finger on the sore spot that the Qatari League was practically a competition between singles and married men, and the rest applauded the return of Xavi as if he were the Messiah of the Blaugrana style of play.

With this noise of sabers Xavi began his adventure at FC Barcelona. With very little time left to prepare for the first game, against Espanyol at the Camp Nou, since a good part of the squad was with their national teams. The coach, accompanied by a staff of committed and loyal people, began to draw all the main lines to give a radical turn to the team.