CricketYash Dayal Lands In Trouble After Sharing An “Islamophobic” Post On Instgram
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Gujarat Titans pacer Yash Dayal recently found himself in hot water when he posted a controversial cartoon related to ‘Love Jihad’ on social media. The post received significant backlash, with many criticizing Dayal for his anti-secular stance. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the cricketer promptly issued an apology.

However, Dayal’s apology took an unexpected turn when he claimed that his account had been hacked and that he was not responsible for the offensive posts. This article delves into the controversy, explores the conflicting narratives, and examines the aftermath of the incident.

The Apology and the Hacking Claim

After facing a barrage of negative comments following his initial post, Yash Dayal posted an apology on social media. In his apology, he emphasized that he had no intention of targeting any specific community or hurting religious sentiments.

However, a short while later, Dayal surprised his followers by alleging that his account had been hacked, implying that the controversial posts were not authored by him.


The Doubts and Social Media Response

While Dayal’s hacking claim raised eyebrows, many social media users expressed skepticism regarding his explanation. Some argued that the content of Dayal’s Instagram stories, apart from the controversial posts and the subsequent apology, did not align with typical hacker behavior.

This discrepancy further fueled doubts about the authenticity of his hacking claim. Critics questioned whether Dayal was merely attempting to backtrack due to the backlash he faced following his apology.

The conflicting narratives surrounding Dayal’s posts raise the question of which version to believe. Some might be inclined to accept Dayal’s hacking claim at face value, as Instagram accounts have been compromised in the past for personal gain or to perpetrate scams.

However, others find it difficult to disregard the lack of evidence supporting Dayal’s allegation, especially considering the absence of any unrelated unauthorized posts on his account.

Reactions and Consequences

Despite Dayal’s assertion that he was not responsible for the posts, his claim did not resonate well with the social media community. The cricketer had already endured a challenging IPL 2023 season, marred by a costly performance in the final over of a match against the Kolkata Knight Riders.


This recent controversy added fuel to the fire, intensifying the backlash he faced. India’s rich tapestry of religions and cultures underscores the importance of religious harmony, particularly within the realm of cricket.

As a prominent fast bowler representing the Gujarat Titans, Dayal’s social media posts contradict the values of inclusivity and mutual respect that the sport upholds. It is worth noting that Dayal shares the pitch with Muslim teammates in his own franchise, such as Rashid Khan and Mohammed Shami, who were highly regarded bowlers during the IPL 2023.

Yash Dayal’s social media controversy has undoubtedly placed him in a precarious situation. The conflicting narratives surrounding his posts have created doubt and speculation among his followers and the wider public. While Yash Dayal claims his account was hacked, the absence of any other unauthorized activity raises questions about the veracity of his statement.

As this controversy continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the importance of religious harmony and the responsibility that public figures bear in upholding these values within the realm of sports.