English Premier LeagueZaha may leave Crystal Palace at the end of the season
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Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson admits that Wilfried Zaha knows where he wants to be as transfer talk is starting to escalate again ahead of the summer transfer window.


He was very good

The highly rated international player believed there was a departure from Selhurst Park on the maps in 2019, and Arsenal led the chase to sign it, but no deal was made. Wilfried has remained loyal to the Eagles since then, registering nine more goals this season in what has been a traumatized campaign, but he made no secret of wanting to test himself at a higher level.

Hodgson admits that a big career call for the 28-year-old striker is fast approaching, telling Wilfried reporters ahead of the Premier League clash with Everton on Monday that he was very good and missed more games with injury than in previous years, which is a blow for them, but they hope to keep him fit for the next nine and he seems pretty clear at this point in what he wants to do and where he wants to be and they hope to benefit from it in the next nine games.


Many consider it deserving

Clubs across Europe are said to have filmed admiring glances towards the man who secured his high-profile move to Manchester United in 2013. That move didn’t go as planned, but Wilfried Zaha is a rounder and more mature performer than he was when he headed to Old Trafford. It is considered by many to be worthy of the Champions League stage, and these opportunities may soon appear.

Borussia Dortmund has been associated with the Palace raid for Wilfried Zaha, while Monaco is also said to be infatuated. Any number of Premier League parties could also decide to join the war if it gets called out, with Everton reportedly going to be one of the most likely participants.