Football NewsZidane blocks Manchester United
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Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United have worked on two of the most important moves this season in the last hours. The priority for the British was to sign Mauricio Pochettino to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the Norwegian was fired. To do this, they needed PSG to free the Argentine, to which they would only be ready to agree if they found a replacement, and there seemed to be only one name on their list: Zinedine Zidane.

Zidane’s situation

This whole process is absolutely blocked. As it became known to AS, the former Real Madrid coach was not convinced in Paris, who was not quite happy with the idea of ​​joining the team in the middle of the season. In addition, he is immersed in other projects and prefers to wait to return to the bench. Although he was flattered by this interest, it seems difficult that today he can accept the offer from the Park of Princes. This has complicated plans for Manchester United, which remain convinced Poch is on the bench now or, if that is not possible, in the future, according to sources close to him. The coach loves the idea of ​​running the Premier League team again and has a very good relationship with the northern England squad through Alex Ferguson, with whom he speaks frequently. He will not force his departure from Paris as he is grateful for the opportunity they gave him at the beginning of the year, so all indications are that if his arrival at Old Trafford does eventually happen, it will be next summer. In this case, France will return to the charges against Zizou.

Zidane’s future

Right now Zidane is on a clear break and he is not going to take any offers for a job and Zidane surely deserves one break in a while considering how much of a great unit he is on any team. Only thing we have to do is to wait and see what he will do and will he get back on training teams.