Football NewsZinedine Zidane – Final game of the year and we have to win
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The press-conference of Zinedine Zidane was very interesting. The French coach answered questions and talked about the future. He said that 2020 was tough and hopes that 2021 will be better for everyone.


The game against Elche

Zinedine Zidane said that Elche is a newly-promoted team but very tough. The coach noted that Elche is playing well in defense and it will be hard for the attacking line to play with that defense. Zidane mentioned the fact that Elche is playing with extra motivation at home-stadium. It will be a tough away game but it’s the final match of the year and Real Madrid has an obligation of winning.

Eden Hazard will play against Elche

Journalists asked Zidane about Eden’s physical conditions. The coach noted that Eden Hazard is ready to play and it will be really good for him to be back at the pitch. Zidane said that Eden’s football is magical and Real Madrid fans have to take advantage of it. Zinedine also mentioned that the coaching staff took the advice from the medical team. That’s why the team will increase the playing time for Hazard slowly. Eden has to adapt to the pitch again after a few months of absence.

The squad in good physical conditions

Zinedine said that the team is very strong. The whole squad is healthy and ready to play tomorrow against Elche. Zinedine noted that during the Christmas break, the team was doing everything to stay in shape. In those little breaks, the players of the main squad were personally training at-home. Zidane said that he is very proud of the players and their discipline will take the team to the trophies this season.