Football NewsZinedine Zidane – winning six consecutive games is not easy
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French coach was very happy after the game against Granada. As you may know, Real Madrid won a very important game in Madrid against Granada. Los Blancos scored two goals in the second half and took three points.


First comment

Zidane said that Real Madrid players have to be very pleased with the result. Winning six games consecutively is not easy, so Zidane congratulated players. Also, Zidane said that Granada was very tough. Granada did everything perfectly in the first half according to the coach. Zinedine also said that he changed the strategy in the second half, so they started pressing higher than possible. That’s why Real Madrid scored two goals in the second half.

La Liga or Champions League

Zinedine Zidane said that winning both titles is very important for Los Blancos. He reminded journalists that they interview the coach of Los Blancos – a team that wants to win every possible title. Zidane said that season is very long and tight at the same time. The games are scheduled tightly, so the team has to be very careful to prevent injuries. Coach noted that the team will keep working hard and get focused on each training session, game, week, etc.

Winning six matches in a row

French coach said that players know that everything may not go in Real Madrid’s favor. That’s why they have to think differently and adapt to new situations during the game. Zidane said that Real Madrid players changed everything in the second half and shown true potential on how to adapt when things don’t go correctly. Zidane mentioned that there will be matches that Real Madrid may lose, but players have to work harder to win as many matches as possible.