Football NewsZlatan Ibrahimovic: “Mine is worth more than yours!”
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has previously crossed swords with Argentine footballers when he played for LA Galaxy and they represented the Portland Timbers.


What did Valeri say about Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

The Swedish footballer once swapped jerseys with Sebastian Blanco and Diego Valeri after a clash in Major League Soccer – but only gave the pair one to share as it’s worth more than their tops combined. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played his part in Milan’s latest quest for Serie A glory with the term, previously crossed swords with the Argentinean duo when he played for LA Galaxy and they represented the Portland Timbers. Now, Diego has opened up to face the forward, widely regarded as one of the modern giants of world football – and revealed a funny anecdote about a post-match swap that raised an eyebrow-deuce.

Diego Valeri told the TV channel that with Sebastian they gave him two of their jerseys after the match, which was won by the Timbers. But according to Diego, Zlatan Ibrahimovic only gave them one in return and said they should cut it in half because it costs more than yours! Zlatan got a little pissed off about the game, but then he sent them another one. Facing Ibrahimovic was spectacular. The first time they played, he killed them, he created every chance and scored two goals.

In the second, at home, they had a great game and scored four. According to Diego Valeri, Ibrahimovic was very angry! He imposes the way he walks, plays, stands on the field. The Swedish footballer has made a big difference in MLS. He does some things because of his physical form that boggles his abilities. Diego noted that it was very nice to meet Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


A little about the topic

Zlatan is well known for his larger than life actions, so making such a gesture is perhaps less surprising. However, the Swede has made his mark on the MLS despite a brief stint and continues to ship back to Europe too. Ibrahimovic will be looking at another Serie A title this time, more than a decade since his triumph at the San Siro with Milan. However, his battle with the term injury highlighted his coming years, suggesting his time is finally coming to an end at the top of the game.