Football NewsCarlos Alberto thinks Jose Mourinho could be Brazil manager
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Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho could be Brazil’s next head coach and would be the perfect fit, Carlos Alberto claimed.


What did Alberto say about Jose Mourinho?

In an interview, the ex-Porto player insisted that the ideal replacement for Tite could be Jose, who resigned after Brazil lost to Croatia in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup. Carlos Alberto, who was part of Porto’s 2003/04 Champions League-winning team under Jose Mourinho, has claimed to have inside information that Roma’s current head coach is already in line to replace Tita, and also claims he was asked to take on himself the role of his assistant.

Carlos Alberto, who retired from the game in 2019, said he was going to drop the bomb here, but he can’t. Then he will talk. According to him, maybe Jose Mourinho is the coach of the Brazilian national team. Alberto says this is first hand information. The Brazilian thinks that no matter where the information comes from, Carlos gives them the information…because Jose Mourinho even invited him.

Carlos Alberto also insisted that Jose is a far cry from the arrogant character he was often portrayed by the media, adding that in his opinion, the coach who is the leader has no vanity, while the Portuguese, people have an image of him. that Jose Mourinho is arrogant but not the kind.


A little about the topic

The Portuguese coach has been linked to a number of international posts since the World Cup, including the Portugal national team. It was initially reported that Jose Mourinho was the leading candidate to take charge of his home country following the resignation of Fernando Santos, but outgoing Belgian coach Martinez is now seen as the favorite for the role.


The ex-England international John Terry has revealed a vague rule that Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho taught his players to take advantage of in the Blues.


What did Jose Mourinho teach his players?

While working as a pundit during the World Cup in Qatar, the Englishman divulged a rule that the Portuguese put into effect whenever his side scored a goal in a match. The ex-Blues captain, who played under Jose Mourinho during both of his managerial spots at Stamford Bridge, claims not even referees were aware of the law the Portuguese tactician, aided by Cahill, used to help lower the clock.

The former England centre-back said he remembers the rule was if they were 1-0 up and the ball was delivered to the box… if two defenders went up together and both went down to the floor afterwards, there was no need to leave the field of play. So according to John Terry, for the last 10 or 15 minutes he’s been sitting with Min and Gary Cahill and walking that when the ball comes into the box make sure they both go down – bump into each other and both go down because they both can’t go.

They have never heard of this rule. So the ball comes in the last 10 minutes, head over, Gaz drops, and Terry thinks he better get down. John sank to the floor and the referee said that the two of them were off the field. Terry said no, that’s not the rule, ask the linesman. John Terry says Jose Mourinho was so far ahead with these little pieces and they talk about small margins and the best head coaches find those small margins.