Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo signs deal to join Al-Nassr
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The captain of the Portuguese national team put pen to paper on the deal to join the Saudi side.


A little about the topic

The club announced the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday after the president and directors traveled to Madrid to seal the deal. The two sides have been negotiating for more than one month, and all they have been waiting for is a final meeting with the al-Nasr boss. Although Cristiano denied everything during the 2022 World Cup, he was aware that his future was in Saudi Arabia.

At that time, the Portuguese did not want any distractions, but the negotiations were moving forward and the striker was in the know. It all started when Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to Morgan that marked the end of his time as a Red Devils player.

From that moment on, Ronaldo knew about Al Nassr’s offer, but the player also realized that it was almost impossible to join top-level European football. The proposal and subsequent negotiations were handled by Ricardo Regufe, a man very close to Cristiano. Superspy Mendes is not involved in the player’s move to Saudi Arabia. After Portugal entered the World Cup, Ronaldo moved back to Madrid and even asked for permission to train at the Real Madrid training ground in Valdebebas.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo waited for a call from Real Madrid, which never came. The deal was reached after Al Nassr found a way out for several players, while deals with other footballers fell through and several commercial deals were reached to make the Portuguese the highest paid player in the entire world.


The Portugal international is ruthlessly fried on social media after signing a €200m contract over the next two years with Al-Nassr from Saudi Arabia.

Rumors linking the Portuguese star to this club were rampant and no one believed that Cristiano Ronaldo would actually do it. Signing this contract would mean that the player could contradict his past. Just a couple of months ago, the Portuguese assured Morgan during that infamous interview that he didn’t care about the money. Cristiano Ronaldo said he wants to continue playing at the highest level and still play for the national team.

Well, these statements also mirror the line of 2015 from the Ross show, the Portuguese said then that he wants to finish at the highest level and he wants to finish with dignity, a good club. None of these statements held up well and Ronaldo showed up with an Al-Nassr jersey after taking the biggest paycheck in football history. Good with him, he deserves all the money in the world. Regardless of his decision, Cristiano will remain one of the best players to ever set foot on the football pitch. In addition, Ronaldo has the potential to increase his official goal tally in a league that doesn’t require too much of him.


And what about the rivalry with Lionel Messi?

One of the Portuguese’s last chances to possibly end his career at the top of Messi was during the last World Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo started the tournament with the hope that he could take Portugal to the final, but the road became impossible for him.

Many different obstacles continued to appear on the way, as the Portuguese received a bench manager from Santos. Such a big blow was extremely demoralizing for Ronaldo. Plus, the difficult year that the player had on a personal level did not help either. Probably everything was too much to endure Cristiano and he decided to look after himself.

Ronaldo gets a pass to this because of the tough year he’s had, there’s still time to regroup in Saudi Arabia and get his groove back. Despite contradicting themselves on this, there will always be hope that they will someday see Cristiano in the UEFA Champions League scoring at least one more goal. For now, let Cristiano Ronaldo enjoy his time in Saudi Arabia and get his mind back in order.