Football NewsDani Alves is going through a separation from his wife
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It is reported that Dani Alves has been deeply affected by his partner Joana Sanz’s choice to end their relationship.


Dani Alves’ Relationship Turmoil Amid Legal Trouble

Dani Alves, the 39-year-old football player, was reportedly heartbroken after learning that his partner, Joana Sanz, decided to leave him. This personal setback came as Alves was already facing a difficult time in his life, having been imprisoned at Brians 2 Prison in Catalonia due to allegations of sexual assault. The incident is said to have taken place at Sutton nightclub in Barcelona in late 2022.


Legal Action and Career Implications

The accusations against Alves led to serious consequences for his career, with his team, Pumas, severing their ties and terminating his contract. Although Joana Sanz took longer to make a similar decision, her eventual announcement was reportedly difficult for Alves to accept.

According to the program ‘Cuatro al dia,’ sources close to Alves revealed his emotional state following the news. He was described as being utterly devastated and extremely anxious. The program also shared that, prior to the announcement, Alves had been telling fellow inmates that his wife was loving, supportive, and that everything was fine between them.


Impact on Alves’ Well-being

In the aftermath of Joana’s decision, sources confirmed to ‘Cuatro al dia’ that Alves has experienced days when he is unable to eat anything. It seems that the model’s choice to leave him took Alves by surprise, as he did not anticipate such a development.

This story highlights the personal and professional turmoil that can ensue when a public figure is accused of a serious crime. Dani Alves’ case demonstrates how both his career and personal life have been significantly impacted by the allegations against him, leaving him in a vulnerable and difficult position.