Football NewsJoana Sanz Responds to Eviction from Dani Alves’ Residence
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Joana Sanz’s initial statement following news that she was evicted from Dani Alves’ residence.


Eviction of Joana Sanz from Dani Alves’ Property – model’s Statement on Social Media

After recent news broke that Dani Alves‘ close associates allegedly forced Joana Sanz to vacate the property they shared, the model has taken to social media to express her thoughts. Through an Instagram story, she has outlined her current priorities in life as she prepares to divorce Alves, who was arrested for an alleged rape at a Barcelona nightclub in late 2022.


Emphasizing Self-love and Independence

In her social media post, Sanz declared that her primary focus at this point in her life is herself. She described her own qualities as “hard-working, independent, ambitious, intelligent, and attractive.” Accompanying her written statement was a video of her showcasing her modeling work on the runway.


Confidentiality Agreement and Dating Rumors

Sanz’s post follows reports from the Telecinco program ‘Fiesta,’ which claimed that Dani Alves’ inner circle pressured her to leave after she refused to sign a confidentiality agreement. Concurrently, rumors have surfaced that she might be involved with a businessman. However, her public statements indicate that her attention is currently centered on her own well-being and personal growth.