Football NewsMason Greenwood’s Plan for Next Club Amid Utd’s Staff Division
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Mason Greenwood is prepared to continue his career in football outside of the United Kingdom in the event United decides not to keep him on at the club.

On Thursday, all accusations that had been brought against the 21-year-old Mason Greenwood were dismissed. His most recent appearance for United came in a 1-0 victory over West Ham in January 2022. This comes in the wake of the forward’s arrest from the previous year, which was followed by subsequent allegations of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault resulting in actual bodily harm.

After learning of the judgment made by the CPS, United issued a statement saying that the club “will now complete its own procedure before choosing next measures.”

When asked about Greenwood at United’s manager Erik ten Hag’s pre-match press conference on Friday, ten Hag just pointed reporters to the club’s statement on the topic, saying: “I am unable to offer any commentary regarding the procedure at this time. I can’t say anything about it. I would like to make reference to the statement that the club has made, but at this time I am unable to contribute anything further.”

Since then, it has been reported that the staff members at the club have differing opinions regarding the issue. There are some people who believe that a duty of care should be offered to a player who joined the club when he was seven years old, even though there is a huge number of staff members who believe that he shouldn’t play another game for United.

Further, the club has communicated with as many as 25 international partners in an effort to obtain a general consensus on their perspectives over Greenwood’s future. As a result of the striker’s arrest, a number of sponsorship arrangements were terminated, including the one with Nike. It would appear that their opinions will be beneficial to the decision-making process.

In addition to this, it is reported that Greenwood has’reluctantly’ accepted United’s position, despite the fact that he was reportedly unhappy with the club and felt as though they ‘did not stand by him.’ In addition, the report suggests that Greenwood would be content to play in China in the event that Manchester United did not wish to keep him at the club.

“He said he would be delighted to go and play in China as long as that meant he was getting paid well and playing,” claimed the insider. “He said he would be happy to go and play in China.” It’s possible that his perspective has evolved slightly over the past few months, but he was in no way content.

Despite the investigation, Greenwood was included in United’s squad; nevertheless, this does not indicate that he will be making a comeback to game play anytime soon. Greenwood is still listed with the Premier League on a long list of Under-21 players. He was also included on this list throughout the first part of the season, while he was out on bail pending the outcome of police investigations.