Football NewsShould Erik ten Hag Determine Greenwood’s Future at United?
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United issued a brief statement indicating they will go through their “own process” to investigate the matter. Should Erik ten Hag determine his future?

Ten Hag becomes a factor in the discussion if the club determines that there IS a future for Greenwood at Old Trafford.

After completing “its own process,” the owners of the team and the senior executives, led by CEO Richard Arnold, have the ability to decide to keep Greenwood on the payroll. However, it would be up to Ten Hag to decide whether or not Greenwood would be allowed to wear one of the most famous jerseys not just in football, but in all of sport.

The owners and senior executives of the company may believe that they should ask Ten Hag for input at this time; nevertheless, they should not do so under any circumstances. They are the guardians of an illustrious and prestigious institution, and at this point it is up to them to decide if Greenwood is capable of representing that illustrious and prestigious institution and what it ought to stand for.

Since the criminal charges against Greenwood have been dismissed, he is no longer subject to any restrictions on his ability to pursue any professional goals that he may have. The Manchester United Football Club, on the other hand, is free to distance itself from him.

Since the Club is not the Crown Prosecution Service, it is not under any legal obligation to gather evidence against Greenwood that could result in a conviction for a criminal offense.

The Red Devils have the ability to reflect on the events that led up to the allegations of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault, and decide whether or not those events compel them to believe that Greenwood should not be a part of an organization that is a part of the lives of millions of women, children, and men.

If they were to breach Greenwood’s contract, there would be some civil legal repercussions, but those repercussions would be meaningless from a business perspective. This decision cannot be based on finances, it cannot be based on how valuable Greenwood is on the transfer market, and it cannot be based on whether or not Ten Hag believes the 21-year-old to be a valuable striking option.

Greenwood has been a member of United’s roster ever since he was a young lad, therefore there are perhaps members of the organization who are more familiar with him than any of us.

They will also have seen and heard the scenarios that were brought to light before the charges that were eventually withdrawn when “a combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light meant that there was no longer a realistic chance of conviction.”

Now it is up to the club to decide how “its own procedure” will proceed.