Football NewsRicharlison is a player who just turns people on
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Tottenham player Richarlison de Andrade has upset a lot of people with his showboating and performance in the past, but the 2022 striker’s uniform was adorable


How was everything?

English football pundit Jamie Carragher probably put it best that Richarlison just turns people on. The Brazilian is as split as they come. But this is not only about the demonstration. Or a play that Jamie has also had problems with in the past. Before this tournament, there were plenty of people who were still not convinced that the Brazilian striker was a good thing; that Richarlison deserved a place in this brilliant Brazilian squad.

Even after scoring twice on his World Cup debut against Serbia, the second of which was a challenger’s goal for the tournament, Selecao’s player was nominated by Cassano. Antonio Cassano stated that one should not call him, who is terrible, and leave aside Firmino, who is a phenomenon. According to the Italian, Richarlison is very bad, they paid €75 million for him and he doesn’t know how to control the ball! He thought that the Reds Roberto Firmino was much better.

Antonio has said that he is a man who never denies when he gets something wrong and after what he has seen he confirms that Richarlison is terrible. For the second goal against Serbia, the reality is that Richarlison had poor control of the ball and he scored that bicycle kick and the other goal was an empty net. You can’t compare him to other strikers in Brazil. And yet the Brazilian player has well and truly established himself as the best Brazilian No. 9.

Richarlison has since added a third goal to his World Cup collection, and another beauty. In Selekao’s scintillating first-half display against South Korea, he used his powers to get under a high ball, controlled the player on the head several times, and then instigated a beautiful one-touch move that ended with Richarlison coolly cutting the ball past South Korean goalkeeper Kim Seung Gyu.

Of course, then Richarlison celebrated his goal with his trademark Dove Dance next to Tite and the rest of his teammates. More outrage, this time from Roy Kane, who called the jig disrespectful. His importance to this team, however, is no longer beyond controversy. As recently as March, remember, the mere inclusion of a Brazilian in the squad was called into question.


What did Richardson say?

Brazil national team striker told reporters he’s not here because he’s cute! According to Richarlison, he was out of the squad due to an injury that was serious. And many reporters and commentators have already seen him outside the picture of the World Cup. But he was calm, because he knew his talent, his potential. Whether he likes it or not, he already has a history with the national team jersey.

The Brazilian thinks they should show some respect. They work hard, they work seriously. Richarlison says he was perfectly calm. Still, we are talking about the Brazilian national team, so every day there is a new striker. According to the Brazilian, his position is very controversial. And the player did not have the strongest claims in the starting place. At the time, Richarlison only scored four goals in the PL for the Toffees.


A little about the topic

Given the depth of talent available to Tite, the decision to remember the striker was moot at best. The player has not played for Brazil as he only contributed one goal – in a 4-0 group thrashing of Peru – to the 2021 Copa América campaign, which ended in a 1-0 thrashing against Argentina in the final. These were hard times for Richarlison. For him, representing Brazil is the pinnacle of his profession. Being outside hit him hard.