Football NewsRonaldinho takes center stage after appearing in new music video
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Ronaldinho garnered attention when he made a notable cameo in the latest music video by Bad Bunny titled ‘Where She Goes’.


The Premiere and Popularity

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny premiered his latest music video on Thursday, May 18, 2023, quickly amassing over three million views on YouTube.


Honoring a Sports Icon

Benito Antonio Martinez, known as Bad Bunny, considers it an honor to collaborate with the legendary soccer star Ronaldinho, highlighting their shared passion for sports.


From the Court to the Music Scene

Bad Bunny’s presence at an NBA Conference Semifinal game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors showcases his love for sports beyond his music career.


Ronaldinho’s Musical Connection

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho shares his deep connection with music, crediting it as an influence on both his personal life and playing style.


Sharing the Excitement

Ronaldinho expresses his enthusiasm for the collaboration, sharing the ‘Bad Bunny’ theme on his official Instagram account and thanking Benito for the invitation.


Uniting Music and Sports

The collaboration between Bad Bunny and Ronaldinho bridges the gap between music and sports, captivating fans worldwide with their unique fusion of talents.


Transcending Boundaries

The growing popularity of the music video solidifies the idea that music and sports have the power to unite people from different backgrounds through shared interests and passions.


A Universal Appeal

Bad Bunny and Ronaldinho’s collaboration serves as a testament to the universal appeal of their talents, captivating audiences worldwide and transcending cultural boundaries.